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Community Development Since 2008 Reela teaches dance to the local community of Rikhia Jharkhand as her 'sewa' or selfless service Notable Performances[edit] Reela Hota has performed in many prestigious Indian dance festivals A few of the notable performances are listed below

[[ CTED_MODE_TEXT_LINE_1]] [[ CTED_MODE_TEXT_LINE_2]] Directed by Maestro Marco Pucci Catena Ramleela in Opera was performed to a live orchestra of 45 Indian & Western elements conducted by Maestro Fabrizio Da Ros The spectacle had Mattia Oliviere(Baritone) Raffaele Abette( Tenor ) and Federico Benitti( Bass) play Lord Rama Prince Lakshman and Shri Hanuman respectively while Reela essayed the role of Sita The Operatic score was written by the contemporary composer Maestro Antonio Cocomazzi[11] who remarked "It's a wonderful idea that two worlds that are so far apart both geographically and culturally unite through the Ramayana".[15] In 2014 Reela worked with Broadway current sensation Jason Macdonald [10] to create an Unusual and exotic synergy of Dance Music and Drama on symbolism of seven chakras [11] Fusion with Italian Opera Reela produced and starred in the first ever Opera "Ramleela in Opera".[12] Ramleela in Opera art form saw 100 artists from 5 countries: Italy France Hungary USA and India working hard to put the spotlight at the confluence of culture and ideas Written by Reela's mother Yoga Guru Bijoylaxmi Hota,[13] the story of Ramleela in opera art form started with Lord Rama's to Sita followed by the banishment of the trio (Ram Laxman and Sita) from Ayodhya and Sita's abduction The opera continued with Hanuman from Kishkindha visiting Lanka clearing the path for Lord Rama to battle it out with Ravana It finally ended with the famous trio returning to Ayodhya followed by celebrations.[14] [[Getsimplestring( )]] [[getSimpleString( )]]

Reela is the youngest daughter of the Sri Purna Chandra Hota IAS and Bijoylaxmi Hota Purna Hota was the topper of the 1962-batch Civil-Services and went on to be the Chairman UPSC Bijoylaxmi Hota[3] is a great yoga teacher and has written eight books on the subject 'Yoga and Food'.[4] She has an elder sister Reema Singh IRS and an elder brother Prasenjeet Hota She diversified her range of productions by fusing Odissi with several other classical dance forms of India namely Manipuri Kathak Bharatnatyam and Chhau One such masterpiece creation is Rabindra Abhivyakti a unique fusion production based on the poetry of great Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore which brings out the "explain the spiritual and yogic significance of his poems through different. :