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You know that " ?: Guilty Alice" has already been released English right?? Загрузка плейлистов Errr I dunno? I've never heard that the stories would be available as ebook or pdf too but maybe someone actually did write down everythg ll I'm very sorry but I don't know where you might fd the pdf or ebook version (although I would be very terested. Загрузка Обработка Blog_Cmt_Createiframe(' '); Загрузка Awwww!!! THANK YOU! I <3 you too! ^^ I hope you have ots of fun with the. Обработка

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Загрузка Загрузка Загрузка Загрузка Загрузка :) Yes I know I just haven't had the time to add it I'll do it asap! :D Hi Great job! Asome pics and fo! Oh By the way,do you know that Wizardess Heart and Desty 2 have been released new ? Just formg The rest.